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Montana Author

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Who Is Jodi Orinda?

Jodi Orinda is a Montana author, who specializes in romance writing. Many of her books are available on Amazon, as both Kindle and paperback versions, as well as Galatea. She is working on getting books listed in Lulu. 
Many of her books are set in the rural West, where she has lived. She is the proud mom of three sons who inspire her daily.

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March 23, 2021

Mo Harper is a Montana girl pursuing a doctorate in exercise physiology, dreaming of big life away from her small town. Until Barry Connors enters her life.
Barry Connors is a big, beautiful man working to get his life back after his ex-wife cheated on him. Tired of feeling sorry for himself, Barry's aiming for a peaceful life on the ranch he grew up on.
The best way to achieve that is getting Mo to fall in love with him and stay in his little town. The two have crazy sparks - but are they hot enough to join them together for good?

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Rock Daddy


March 21, 2021

Opposites worlds intersect. Dani Larsen, a divorced mom of two teenaged sons, recreated herself with her husband left her for a woman half her age and started another family, effectively abandoning her and her sons. Now a bestselling author, she is in Detroit signing books when Rock Daddy, one of her favorite musicians, asks her to dinner.
A self-described lowlife, he is at the top of the hard rock charts, with some country and pop crossover hits. He is smitten by this talented new writer.
They each battle their own demons as they try to meld two different lifestyles. With the age-old platitude be enough for them to create a lasting relationship?

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April 5, 2021

Montana mornings are a bitch when seen through a migraine. Worse when deadly dreams play out in real life. I’m Dale Irving. Been called a bitch myself. Never been known for subtleties or sweetness. I run my ranch my way, to prove to my father and the town of Wolf Pack that I can. But I have to survive the headaches eating up my waking hours and the evil premonitions consuming my nights and creeping into my life. During one nasty headache, I hire Beau. I hate to admit I need him, or any man. Even more, I hate the way my body reacts to his. He’s directly out of my best wet dream. I put my defenses up against the latest rodeo Romeo. But he uses unusual abilities to rescue me several times. My willingness to allow Beau into my life unnerves me. We battle an unknown enemy. It kills for fun. For sport. For blood. I’m suspicious, but when paralysis becomes part of my headaches, Beau moves into the house. I start seeing the killings in my visions. Beau’s been a vampire for 250 years and running from a hunter for decades. He’s ready to fight both the hunter and the woman who framed him. She’s a more powerful vampire and his one-time lover. He needs me to defeat her and then the killer. Oh, his best friends are five furry werewolves. I’m immersed in a sensual, surreal world of vampires, lycanthropes, and ancient plots to rule the world from the middle of my ranch. Did I mention the best sex of my life?!

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